Business Intelligence & Investigations
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Business Intelligence & Investigations

G5 Integritas has experience and seasoned professionals to carry out each and every one of the steps required in an investigation. We have the technological means and the specific tools necessary to track people and assets, uncover fraudulent activities, discover sensitive information and even recover forensic information in digital supports, so that we can provide valid evidence in both civil and criminal court proceedings.

Competitive and Market Intelligence enables companies to answer many questions like which are the risks posed by potential new partners?, and what vendors or suppliers have the ability to put my business at risk?, Who are the potential competitors out of my market?, how it will affect the acquisition of my participation in the market?, what alliances make sense for my business or company?, and what events or political issues are a risk to my business?


Competitive & Market Intelligence


Fraud & White Collar Crime


Litigation Support & Dispute Advisory


Miami - U.S.A.
Buenos Aires - Argentina
Sao Paulo- Brazil
Madrid- Spain
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