Litigation Support & Dispute Advisory
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Litigation Support & Dispute Advisory

Disputes, whether or not in a legal setting, increasingly rely on the discovery of information and on the ability to understand how events and deeds unfolded. The ability to rely on the necessary information which must be complete, comprehensive and impeccably compiled is crucial should the dispute lead to a legal proceeding or arbitration.

Our litigation support and dispute advisory services cover several specialties to meet a wide range of needs in a timely manner.

Local & International Investigations

Asset Searches

Pre/Post-Transaction Conflicts

· Antitrust Disputes

· Commercial Disputes

· M&A / Hostile Takeovers

· FCPA Investigations

Specialists & Expert Witnesses

• IT/Computer Forensics

• Fraud Investigations

Litigation Consulting

· Local & International Investigations

· Locating Evidence & Witnesses

· Pre-Litigation Intelligence

 • Intellectual Property Protection


 Local & International Investigations

The global marketplace has made it easy for businesses to be impacted by events and actions from anywhere in the world. With a global reach, G5 Integritas offices are strategically located in Europe, Latin America and the United States. In addition, we have developed a strong network of experienced and highly skilled analysts and investigators throughout the world.

 Asset Searches

Our global reach allows us to track individual and corporate assets nearly anywhere in the world, no matter whether doing so entails accessing databases, documents or interviewing individuals. Our team of experienced professionals has helped track and retrieve assets in many high-profile and complex cases. 

 Pre/Post-Transaction Conflicts

When conflicts arise before or after a transaction, G5 Integritas will help determine if there was misinformation or hidden events or occurrences with regard to projections and assumptions, the parties involved or with the verification of data, registrations or documents.  Our services include assistance in refuting or supporting damage claims, regulatory infringements, financial review, as well as establishing the existence of third-party collusion.

 Antitrust Disputes

To assist clients involved in antitrust disputes, G5 Integritas offers its wide range of investigative and analytical services, including the investigation of regulatory infringements, research on the ease of market entry and assessing the efficiencies of a merger.

 Commercial Disputes

Businesses can find themselves in a conflict stemming from just about any aspect of business activity. Whether disagreement arises from a breach of contract, a lack of professional standards or an accounting dispute, G5 Integritas assists in discovering and assessing the facts and information that helps our clients successfully navigate through such conflicts.

 M&A / Hostile Takeovers

To assist clients involved in mergers & acquisitions, including hostile takeovers, G5 Integritas offers its wide range of investigative and analytical services, including business valuations, market intelligence, reputational and corporate due diligence, and background investigations.

 FCPA Investigations

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in the United States has sweeping reach as it regulates accounting transparency and includes provisions that touch on bribery. Our team is experienced in working on complex and high profile FCPA-related cases in multiple jurisdictions. We help clients obtain and assess the information vital to FCPA matters and their legal counsel.  

 Specialists & Expert Witnesses

Specialized knowledge often is crucial in the analysis and study of complex cases and subject matters. Our experts provide an accurate assessment of information and situations, which can be ratified in court.

 IT/Computer Forensics

Locating and retrieving information contained in computers and other electronic equipment requires specific tools and skills that facilitate the detection of fraud, diversions, misappropriations, and other illicit activities. Even information and data marked as deleted can be retrieved to serve as strategic information or evidence.

 Fraud Investigations

It’s often easier to prevent fraud than to detect it, which is why we work with clients to create a culture of prevention that evaluates potential risks, thereby minimizing the possibility of fraudulent occurrences. Our fraud and corporate investigations not only focus on recovery of losses and the identification of the parties involved, but also help protect clients from the potentially negative effects such crimes have on their reputation.

 Litigation Consulting

We work with lawyers in forming strategies, identifying key witnesses, compiling information about a case and witnesses, and completing interviews. In assisting legal teams, G5 Integritas also values and tracks assets, conducts expert reports, and collects and organizes electronic evidence.

 Local & International Investigations

With offices located in Buenos Aires, Madrid, Miami and Sao Paulo, G5 Integritas is strategically positioned to conduct investigations throughout Ibero-America. In addition, our global network of investigators and researchers allows us to investigate individuals, businesses and markets throughout the world.

 Locating Evidence & Witnesses

With a reach that spans the globe, G5 Integritas network of investigators and researchers can find and retrieve information from nearly anywhere in the world. From retrieving documents to conducting interviews, we can assist clients on a global scale.

 Pre-Litigation Intelligence

Judicial disputes rely on accurate facts and the ability to recount how events occurred. At G5 Integritas, we not only find and discover such information, but we do so in such a way as to allow the information to be used later for judicial purposes. Whether gathering information in preparation for a court proceeding or for a negotiation, we use a specific methodology that enables us to preserve the evidence and protect its authenticity and value.

 Intellectual Property Protection

Counterfeiting and smuggling activity can be costly to companies, particularly if not caught early. To prevent such activities, G5 Integritas identifies and locates counterfeiting premises worldwide and provides local authorities with the necessary evidence to stop the activity. We also investigate and develop reports on employee integrity, as well as on partner companies.


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