FCPA / Anti-Corruption Due Diligence
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FCPA / Anti-Corruption Due Diligence

Our due diligence investigations meet the FCPA standards by providing an independent verification and control of potential business partners, shareholders, vendors and other intermediaries (a.k.a. third parties). We investigate their business background, qualification/credentials, reputation, as well as looking for any indicators of payment of bribery or other corrupt activities to obtain businesses.

The increasing enforcement of the FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) for corporate operations overseas has led corporations to face serious civil, criminal and financial sanctions. As a result, corporations are implementing internal control programs to ensure the transparency and legality of their operations.

Both enforcement agencies and the market players are increasingly concerned about these matters, at the point of making business transactions, M&A negotiations and commercial deals fail, due to suspicions of corrupt activities. In this context, it is crucial to conduct an independent due diligence of those vendors and intermediaries who act on behalf of the company that may pose corporations at risk.

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