M&A / Market Entry Due Diligence
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G5 Integritas performs vigorous market studies of a company's business sector to understand an organization's potential exposure to different risks that could impact a merger, acquisition or joint venture. This study exposes potential risks related to security, politics, technology, environment, international relations, black markets, culture, infrastructure and regulatory compliance.

The information gathered allows clients to negotiate purchasing prices, taking preventive and corrective measures to refocus commercial strategies, minimizing exposure to risk or economic loss, while maximizing the chances of success.

Our Due Diligence Business provides insight into all that is not readily available at a glance:

• Competitors' profile
• Level of market penetration
• Potential problems with partners or suppliers
• Personal and business reputation
• Overvalued assets
• Potential conflicts
• Litigation matters
• Environmental problems
• Local business culture
• Links and associations
• Exposure to special-interest groups
• Hidden contingencies

Miami - U.S.A.
Buenos Aires - Argentina
Sao Paulo- Brazil
Madrid- Spain
+1 (305) 371-7480 + 54 11 53539459   + 34 91 1871729
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