Reputational Due Diligence
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Reputational Due Diligence

Reputational damage can have serious consequences, from business and financial loss to risking the relationship with business partners or even losing opportunities to enter new markets.

G5 Integritas conducts a professional investigation, gathering information at an international level on personal and corporate reputation, illegal business practices, diversion of business and funds, criminal activities, red flags, defamatory campaigns, affiliated businesses, and prior histories of vendors, etc. that could impact an organization.

This helps corporations and investors:

• Uncover questionable issues hidden behind a deceptive image.
• Identify defamatory campaigns
• Identify information that can affect the value of a corporation and can be used in a negotiation during the purchasing process.
• Distinguish between real information and ill-intentioned information.
• Restore confidence of shareholders, regulators, media and society.

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