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Case Studies

Internal Corporate Fraud

An accountant at a transportation company, who was well regarded by her employers, always looked impeccable; but looking good didn’t come cheaply.

She had had plastic surgery, drove a luxury car, traveled first class, wore expensive jewelry and lived in a nice, large house. 

Unfortunately, she paid for it all with money illegally obtained from her employer. She had altered the pay-books to set her own salary.

The business owner had become suspicious when he noticed some of the alterations. Then, he started looking at some of the company’s bank transfers, which didn’t seem right.

As our investigation would discover, she would directly transfer money from the company account to her personal account, and then she would log the same amount as a business expense. When it was time to reconcile the bank statements, she would get rid of all evidence indicating what she had done.

At first, the amounts were small, but they grew larger in time. This accountant had seemed sure that the business owner would not have someone do an internal audit, nor review the books in much detail.

Today, she is facing embezzlement charges.


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