IT Forensics & Data Security
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IT Forensics & Data Security

Information is a vital asset of a company; its adequate protection and management is essential to ensure business continuity. Our IT professionals provide solutions that optimize systems management, data protection and computer networks to prevent outside intrusions, sabotage and other internal contingencies.

IT Forensics

G5 Integritas professionals apply IT forensics techniques for the recovery of electronic data that was deleted or damaged either accidentally or intentionally.

IT forensics tools are mainly used for data recovery, internal investigations and evidence gathering for litigation. Our strict protocols for data collection, preservation, analysis and custody allow that the information obtained be used as evidence in a litigation case.

Our case experience in this area includes:

  • Internal fraud investigations   • Litigation Support for Law Firms and Corporations
  • FCPA/Anti-corruption Investigation   • Review of Regulatory Compliance
  • Unfair Competition/Industrial Espionage   • Investigation of Leaks of Sensitive Information

  • Asset Search (Embezzlement, Illicit enrichment, Inheritance disputes, Divorces).

  • Intellectual Property Theft
  • Labor Disputes   • Fraudulent Bankruptcy Investigations
  • Reconstruction of Financial Transactions   • Data Recovery Due to Contingencies


Our IT Consulting Services are:

E-Discovery Consulting

Data Acquisition and Forensics Processing

Review and Analysis of Evidence

In-House Document Scanning

IT Security Consulting

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