IT Security Consulting
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IT Security Consulting

Our IT Security Consulting services cover all the aspects of electronic information security.

First, we conduct an assessment of the current state of the systems. This is a comprehensive assessment of the existent level of protection covering both the physical security measures protecting the systems and, specifically, the technology systems.

The latter includes an assessment of the hardware, software, networks, wireless connections, back-up systems, penetration tests, web applications, access and privileges, management policies and levels of internal control.

As a result, our experts provide clients with a clear assessment of all their IT security risks and design customized business continuity and crisis management programs to mitigate those risks.

By detecting those threats and risks that may affect your business, we offer solutions to maintain an optimal systems security level.

Miami - U.S.A.
Buenos Aires - Argentina
Sao Paulo- Brazil
Madrid- Spain
+1 (305) 371-7480 + 54 11 53539459   + 34 91 1871729
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