Ethics and Compliance Hotline
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Ethics and Compliance Hotline

The Ethics and Compliance Hotline is an anonymous reporting system that allows the reporting of claims, complaints, concerns and potential internal wrongdoing.

Corporations implement these hotlines as part of their Good Governance Programs. Not only does this foster transparency within an organization, but also helps them protect from numerous risks by detecting potential detrimental activities.

Most companies use audits, both internal and external, to combat fraud and financial crime. However, an Ethics and Compliance Hotline should be the first step to be implemented by any effective corporate risk prevention program. This highly cost effective reporting system can be easily customized to each client's needs.

The Ethics and Compliance Hotline allows employees, suppliers, customers, and other subjects of interest to report both valuable and sensitive information to corporations. The main goal is to detect and timely report internal fraud and any other non-permitted or improper conduct that may affect the company's personnel, its assets, value and/or its reputation.

Our Ethics and Compliance Hotline system provides a secure and confidential online platform that can be tailored to client's specific needs. Some of its advantages are:


• Fraud losses can be reduced by more than 50%, compared to  corporations lacking this type of system.
• Fastest way to detect internal fraud and irregularities.
• Reduces the average fraud life span.
• Promotes corporate transparency and protects the organization
• Allows anticipating of new risk tendencies.
• Allows the company to become aware of problems that Top Management does not usually get to know and/or fails to address.

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