FCPA and Political Risk
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FCPA and Political Risk

International markets pose additional risks for corporations associated with corruption and bribery during acquisition and investment transactions, opening of new markets, governmental contracts, and management of local operations abroad. As an enhanced anti-corruption regulatory framework and legislation continue to grow, companies are required to implement internal controls to ensure transparency, ethics and integrity in business.

The G5 Integritas team has extensive experience in international anti-corruption standards, including the FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act), the U.S. federal statute against bribery and corrupt practices abroad. The FCPA prohibits U.S. individuals and businesses with presence in the United States from paying, offering or promising to pay anything of value (favors, gifts, etc.) to foreign officials to obtain businesses.

We help our clients through a combination of investigative and forensic accounting techniques, together with IT forensics solutions, and a precise knowledge of local markets (regulations and business culture).

Our experience includes both preventive and reactive responses:

Preventive measures:

• FCPA Monitoring Programs

• FCPA Investigations / Anti-corruption Investigations

• FCPA Compliance Audits

• Training of in-house staff and third parties

• Vendor Integrity Review Programs

• Due Diligence/Background Investigations

Reactive measures:

• FCPA Investigations / Anti-Corruption Investigations

• Market Research for potential violations

• Forensic Accounting Techniques

• Computer Forensics & Data Recovery

• Coordination with in-house and outside legal counsel

Our investigations guarantee objectivity of findings while ensuring the chain of custody so that the information obtained can also be used as evidence in a court /litigation process.


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