Legal Risk Management Advisory
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Legal Risk Management Advisory

Some in-house legal departments consider that legal activity is not quantifiable. However, there are many aspects to be considered that have a direct impact on results. Our Legal Risk Management Advisory services systematize these aspects to better address the efforts of in-house legal departments according to each company's needs.

In today's highly litigious environment fraught with legal complexity, our team of experts focuses on mitigating legal risks. We work together with corporate management and in-house legal departments, processing information, making it understandable and measureable, and identifying irregular activities and red flags in the litigation management process.

The objective is to help corporations achieve cost effective results by optimizing the litigation management process, reducing costs and mitigating risks.

G5 Integritas assists corporations with the implementation of customized monitoring tools which can be managed by either in-house teams or our own personnel. Some of these tools that facilitate a strategic decision making process are:

Control Panel
A litigation management control panel offers non-legal personnel with a detailed map of the events and circumstances surrounding the litigation process, from the financial management standpoint to the projection of possible scenarios.

Litigation Audit
Onsite litigation audits are conducted at Courts, external law firms and in-house legal departments. These have proven to be a valuable tool to identify opportunities for improvement by gathering information on vendors' performance and internal resources used at all levels. This is fundamental to have real control of the litigation process and the performance of those involved.

Fraud Detection
G5 Integritas' legal risk management tools have proven to be an effective way to detect fraud and identify red flags that could expose corporations to this type of risk, including leaks of sensitive information or allocation of inadequate resources to respond to complex litigation processes, among others.

Process Optimization
Our techniques help corporations identify areas for improvement in their internal litigation management process by making it cost-effective and providing control points in sensitive instances of the process. As a result, corporations increase their efficiency, reduce costs and improve their control over sensitive areas of the litigation management.

Financial monitoring
Our professionals help estimate the costs and other related liability associated with the litigation activity. We also offer advice on establishing a strategic schedule of payments and disbursements and related investments.

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