Executive Protection
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Executive Protection

Our experts design customized protection programs for executives and their families.

Based on their need, we may recommend solutions ranging from specific technology measures and procedures to the security personnel assigned to posts for transfers. As far as security personnel, we define the level of qualification and training required in each case.

Other security aspects included in our recommendations are communication strategies, transfers and vehicles, integrated controls, emergency procedures, information security, and functional coordination of the security team.

Our experience includes:

• Protection Programs for executives and their families
• Residential Security Assessment
• Security Assessment at Offices and Schools
• TSCM – Technical Surveillance Counter Measures and Information Security
• Preventive Security Measures Training

Miami - U.S.A.
Buenos Aires - Argentina
Sao Paulo- Brazil
Madrid- Spain
+1 (305) 371-7480 + 54 11 53539459   + 34 91 1871729
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